Hey, nice that you´re here! Following, find all the infos and answers about my wedding bundles. You are puzzled what this is all about? Then do not hesitate to text me via the contact form. I am so excited to get to know you!




Is it possible to book you for weddings outside the Stuttgart area? And what about weddings abroad?

Traveling is my passion and I love to discover new countries, people and cultures! That´s why I am traveling outside Stuttgart for many of my weddings. Travel costs are all included in Germany! If you have your wedding somewhere abroad I am more than happy to send you my special packages for destination weddings! I offer attractive prices for these kinds of weddings!

Do we have to pay a deposit in advance of the wedding?

In order to create some obligation I charge a deposit of 800 Euros before the wedding which will be later subtracted from the final billing amount.

How long does it take you to edit and deliver our wedding photos?

Usually, I manage to finish wedding pictures after approximately 3 weeks. However, especially in high season, when several weddings overlap, it can take 4 weeks.

How long is the wedding online gallery available after the wedding?

The wedding gallery will be online for at least 3 months so even your not so organized guests will hopefully manage to download the wedding photos.

What happens when you get sick and can´t come to our wedding? Will there be another photographer?

First of all I have to say that this actually never happened to me, even after almost 100 weddings I shot. But in the unrealistic case that I can really not come I will try everything to organize another photographer from my network that has a similar style and presents a good replacement for me.

Do you edit all the photos? And what is actually included in the editing process?

After the wedding the biggest part of work actually starts for me. From the thousands of pictures I will select the best ones and specifically edit these ones, as I will also deliver only the selection of photos to you. The editing process includes an adaptation of the colors of the pictures to my own style of editing. Photoshop retouching is not included as I do not want to manipulate your faces but show you just as you looked like on your wedding day.

Do you prefer to shoot with available natural light or do you use flash all the time?

I love an authentic, natural look and therefore use natural light most of the time on your wedding day. During the wedding party I have to use my flashes. However, even during this part I often also do lots of pictures capturing the natural light in order to show the atmosphere better.

Can we also rent a photo booth with you?

On your wedding day I exclusively want to concentrate on taking stunning photos of you and your wedding guests and all the unique moments. Being additionally responsible for a photo booth was more of a distraction for me in the past. That´s why I am only recommending photo booth rentals I made good experiences with.

What equipment do you use and do you have a backup in case your camera breaks?

I am shooting all my photos with a Canon 5d Mark 4 as well as some prime lenses, especially 35mm. And for sure, I also have a backup camera. Moreover, all pictures get stored on two memory cards in the same time in case one of them breaks or gets lost.

Can we do the couple shoot at the actual wedding day? And how much time should we calculate for this shooting?

In general, it is completely up to you and you can decide how important the couple shoot is for you. I often recommend my couples to do two smaller couple shoots on the wedding day. The advantage of this is that we can shoot at different locations and therefore achieve more variation. Moreover, the second shooting often takes place at golden hour, so when the light is most beautiful.

What´s the resolution of the photos we will receive?

You will get all the photos in full-resolution as JPEG files. Most of the pictures will be in 30 megapixels, so pretty big.