What I offer

I have been shooting people for almost 6 years and while doing this, found out what suits me best and fills my heart with passion. Following are curated all the services I love to offer to my clients.

Destination Weddings

Traveling is one of my big passions and I love to connect photography with it. You plan on celebrating your wedding in a finca in Mallorca, in a riad in Marrakech or a fjord in Iceland? Then you´re exactly in the right place! I love alternative weddings and would travel to the other side of the world to shoot you at your wedding destination. Don´t hesitate to ask me for my special destination wedding bundles!


More options

Couple Shoots

I would love to take some intimate couple photos even before your wedding (and also if you did not yet plan to get married at all). These shootings perfectly serve not only to get some nice pictures, but also to accustom yourself with the camera and building up a deeper connection with me. And by the way we can also try out if the location fits well for your later wedding shoot.

Official photos

You will probably also get married at the registry office. I am also available for these kind of photos and offer coverages of less than 8h for this service as long as its a weekday. There is also a special bundle I offer which unites the big wedding coverage with the official photos at the registry office.

Wedding Books

It´s nice to watch photos on a big screen. However, having the best wedding photos united in one beautiful book is an experience for itself. I offer exclusive wedding books that are beautifully curated and styled by an experienced designer and will last a lifetime!


I think I don´t have to tell you that videography is hyped a lot in the moment and that is also important for weddings. More and more couples ask for a videographer on their wedding. I am a big fan of moving image and worked for several movie projects in the past. If you are looking for a small movie that captures the atmosphere during your couple shoot or wedding I would be pleased to help you! For bigger movies I also collaborate with gifted video artists that will create awesome highlight clips of your wedding!